Trend Alert: Bringing Sexy Back

When it comes to amazing skin and a beautiful figure, no trend screams "if you've got it flaunt it  like the bare back trend. 
Exposing  your back in an otherwise completely covered dress is a very subtle yet beautiful way of flaunting how beautiful your body is as your back isn't usually exposed to the harshness of the weather or the usual prying eyes of   other individuals. I remember seeing the front of  Rihanna's dress at the  Grammys and thinking.. "oh that's simple for  Rihanna"... Then I saw the back and thought "DAMN!!! she looks amazing".
So ladies if you think you're sexy enough and have a beautiful body to accompany that thought why not bring sexy back
xoxo Madam Wokie

Zu's Dress- Topshop
Heels- Jeffrey Campbell

Continue reading to see pics of Rihanna and others bringing sexy back


  1. I love your hair and that dress fabulous!!!!

  2. Thank you Ag... oh and i just saw your blog, its very interesting.
    you hair is amazing too


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