Girls night out...

After spending Friday night braiding Wokie's hair, I probably should have spent Saturday night catching up on sleep... Wokie  was only here for the weekend though so we just had to head out. 
I really wasn't in the mood for getting all dolled so I pulled my hair back, donned a pair of heels, black jeans and this really cute top that reminds me of the D and G Star Dress (the print that is).

 My stingy ass spent months staring at this top... thankfully I got it for a bargain price of £7- Winning!
(nothing breaks my heart like seeing an item I bought full price going on sale for  really cheap bargain)

Wokie went for a more classic look in H & M top and skirt

I got Wokie to do my hair before she left so you would get to see her handiwork in our next post

Missing Wokie already and cant wait for her to get back to me soon
take care guys...Musu


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